aBIZinaBOX Inc. CACannabisChek Coming Soon!

aBIZinaBOX Inc. CACannabisChek Coming Soon!

aBIZinaBOX Inc. CACannabisChek Coming Soon!
aBIZinaBOX Inc. CACannabisChek Coming Soon!

aBIZinaBOX Inc. CACannabisChek – aBIZinaBOX Cannabis Practice Group is going to change your expectations about why the ONLY choice for your California commercial cannabis business for accounting, tax or regulatory compliance is a CPA licensed in California with an A endorsement.

Commercial Cannabis Document Suite – CCDS was released in Beta today. We are providing a preview of a something that has been in development for close to a year. If you or a business you work with is involved in the commercial cannabis industry in California the changes the game. [At this time, we no intention of expanding development for jurisdictions outside of California [the complexity of compliance requirements are difficult to comprehend].

The trademark application mentions “Software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for verifying regulatory compliance for commercial cannabis business”…what could this possibly be?

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aBIZinaBOX CCDS Roadmap

We encourage you to check out our main site for the cannabis industry at aBIZinaBOX Cannabis Practice Group. We have a roadmap for the site that you can find at aBIZinaBOX Cannabis Platform

aBIZ Cannabis Platform is laid out for everyone to get a sense of what it takes to support the website.

  • Provide a marketing platform for the practice which the blog is part of.

    aBIZinaBOX Inc. CACannabisChek Coming Soon!
    aBIZinaBOX Cannabis Platform
  • Provide a “go to” research tool which organized the statute, regulations and administrative documents from regulatory agencies so that it becomes the first place to go if you need to perform research on an issue.
  • Provide a place to serve the public and clients with knowledge in a digestible format. That’s why I produced > 120 page of faq’s. There is also a client portal built into the website where clients can securely share documents with us, and we have the ability to “embed” documents in web pages such as what I did with the 280E article.
  • Provide a platform where clients can book appointments, open a ticket for us to respond to an issue, and do most of the simple business with our practice right from the website.


CCDS Roadmap