Illegal Dealing Hurts Everyone

Illegal Dealing Hurts Everyone

Illegal Dealing Hurts Everyone that’s a fact, and there are some steps that can be taken to put the hurt on them which is where it belongs.

You can start with the IRS and get a piece of what they recover. IRS Form 211 – Application for Award for Original Information

-The Whistleblower Office has responsibility for the administration of the whistleblower award program under section 7623 of the Internal Revenue Code. Section 7623 authorizes the payment of awards from the proceeds of amounts the Government collects as a result of the information provided by the whistleblower. Only written applications are accepted in this program. Send completed form along with any supporting information to:

Internal Revenue Service 

Whistleblower Office – ICE

1973 N. Rulon White Blvd. M/S 4110

Ogden, UT 84404

You can access the actual form here.


The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) was established in January 1999 in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 (RRA 98) to provide independent oversight of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) activities. As mandated by RRA 98, TIGTA assumed most of the responsibilities of the IRS’ former Inspection Service.

TIGTA consists of mainly auditors and investigators focused on the duties and responsibilities of an Inspector General organization on matters relating to the IRS. TIGTA is organizationally placed within the Department of the Treasury but is independent of the Department and all other Treasury offices, including the Treasury Office of the Inspector General (OIG). TIGTA’s focus is devoted entirely to tax administration, while Treasury OIG is responsible for overseeing the other Treasury bureaus.

You can reach TIGTA here.


By Phone:
Call toll-free: 1-800-366-4484

By Fax:
(202) 927-7018

By Mail:
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
P.O. Box 589
Ben Franklin Station
Washington, DC 20044-0589

Illegal Dealing Hurts Everyone
California Cannabis Portal

California CDTFA -TRaCE Program

The Tax Recovery and Criminal Enforcement (TRaCE) Task Force is a pilot program facilitated by California Assembly Bill 576, Revenue Recovery and Collaborative Enforcement Team Act. TRaCE joins existing state and federal resources to collaboratively combat illegal business activities that rob California of public funds and its citizens of public services.

The Task Force is comprised of investigators and special agents from multiple agencies working together to investigate, prosecute and recover revenue lost to the underground economy. You can find links to report numerous types of criminal activity and fraud here.

California’s three licensing authorities each provide the option to file a complaint against any licensed/unlicensed commercial cannabis activity throughout the state. For tips on illegal cannabis cultivation operations or related complains, call the CalCannabis toll-free hotline: 1-833-WEED-TIP. In addition to reporting such activity to the state, it’s recommended to file a report with your local authorities as well.

Bureau of Cannabis Control – File a Complaint
CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing – File a Complaint: Call 1-833-WEED-TIP
Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch – File a Complaint

Illegal Dealing Hurts Everyone